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An Affiliate of OAUG

Board of Directors


Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Bill Dunham

SIG Coordinator/Chair

  • Lead Direction of SIG
  • Recruit Leadership Team
  • Coordinate and Assist Volunteers
  • Assist with Paper selection for Collaborate and OpenWorld Events
  • Schedule Leadership Meetings

SIG Coordinator/Chair: Responsible for the overall coordination and development of the Customizations & Alternatives SIG. Responsibilities include the final review of all Customizations & Alternatives SIG documents, including the by-laws, policies and procedures, and general communications. The Chair will also assist with the coordination and execution of administrative tasks such as maintenance of meeting minutes, membership lists, and other publications, assisting with meeting planning, leading meetings and the group’s financial reporting. Additionally Chair will be responsible for meeting planning, including identifying and working with sponsors and speakers for Collaborate and Open World conferences. Duties of the Chairman also include functioning as the Coordinator with the OAUG.  

Suneel Tiruveedhula

Vice Chair: Responsible for assisting and supporting the Chair in all capacities, as well as assuming the responsibility of the Chair if the Chair should become unavailable. The Vice Chair will also focus attention on other Customizations & Alternatives SIG objectives as identified by the Executive Committee. These may include (for example) increasing membership, expanding the group’s offerings and improving meeting participation 

Carol Rigdon

Membership and Social Media Director: This position will be responsible for all communication with members and the membership list maintenance. It will also include coordination of the Customizations & Alternatives SIG Social Media presence. Some of the examples of planned Social Media Customizations & Alternatives SIG interaction include: establishment of LinkedIn Customizations & Alternatives  SIG group and Facebook Customizations & Alternatives  SIG account as well as management of the accounts and communication with members in the Social Media space.

Susan Behn

Secretary: Responsible for recording and documenting information discussed and decided upon at all Customizations & Alternatives SIG meetings, publishing meeting minutes, and managing the group’s action item list.Board Members-At-Large

Mike Swing


Dana Witthar

Burns & Mc Donnell

Michael Barone

OATC, Web Site Director: This position will be responsible for maintaining the Customizations & Alternatives SIG Web Site.

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